Monday, April 24, 2017

April 24 News Update

Oliver Entwisle and
        Izzy Jones at the Edinburgh march for science.
Why scientists are marching on Washington and more than 400 other cities
March for Science puts Earth Day focus on global opposition to Trump
Earth Day 2017: ‘The experts are fighting back’
March for Science: Thousands in London join global protest
'Evidence not arrogance': UK supporters join global March for Science
Ten of the best March for Science signs – in pictures
L.A.'s March for Science
March for Science Chicago draws 40,000 people
Global March for Science raises concern over Trump policies
Scientists, Feeling Under Siege, March Against Trump Policies *
Array of issues galvanizes demonstrators during KC March for Science

The Planet Can’t Stand This Presidency *
Alaskan village fights for survival as island disappears
Canadian oil firm pulls out of national park in Peru's Amazon
Boeing invests in electric-airplane firm

French election first round results
YRC tries pay raises for hard-to-fill Teamsters jobs, but not in Kansas City
Regulators deny proposed $12.2 billion merger of KCP&L and Westar
Abortion services to expand in Missouri after judge issues injunction
At a ‘Unity’ Stop in Nebraska, Democrats Find Anything But *
The Looming Writers Strike Is About Much More Than What’s On TV
Labor board sets historic precedent by defining university 'employees'
Abortion in Ireland: committee votes for constitutional change
Is Ontario NDP ready for 2018 election?
Will the Government Be Open in a Week? These Are the Issues *
800 Workers Had Their Jobs Saved. Over 700 Didn’t. *
Amtrak at a Junction: Invest, or Risk Worsening Problems *

Stories from the New York Times will be followed with a *. The Times pay wall policy allows free access to only about ten articles a month.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

April 20 Week In Review Now Online

You can view the new WIR here

April 20 News Update

Exxon Seeks Waiver From U.S. Sanctions to Drill in Russia
On April 29, We March for the Future
Earth Day, The Climate Agreement and March for Science
EPA plans to offer buyouts as part of Trump push to shrink workforce
The pristine Arctic has become a garbage trap for 300 billion pieces of plastic
More California sea lions are dying because of poisonous algae blooms
Untreated St. Joseph sewage is flushing in Kansas City’s direction
EPA seeks to derail cleanup of coal power plant pollution

HCMC workers celebrate settlement, but concerns remain
Ruling in HCMC case creates 'powerful tool' for workers

Jeremy Corbyn delivers a stump speech to Labour activists
        in Croydon.
Labour party to hold emergency selections for constituencies
Theresa May wins Commons backing for 8 June general election

Retired Miners Lament Trump’s Silence on Imperiled Health Plan *
The Return of Commercial Prison Labor

Read more here:
How The Richest US Colleges Get Richer
The Level of Support for Jean-Luc Mélenchon is Frightening the Powerful
Thousands of Washington state workers rally for new labor contract
Judge Finds Bad Faith in Farm’s Labor Talks
Time Runs Out in NLRB Battle Over Co-Worker Reps
Tesla faces labor dispute at key German robotics factory
Union Organized Ground Service Workers at United and Alaska Subsidiaries
Paul Ryan assures UK of US trade ties in London visit

Stories from the New York Times will be followed with a *. The Times pay wall policy allows free access to only about ten articles a month.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017