Wednesday, March 22, 2017

March 22 News Update

Global climate broke multiple records in 2016; Extreme conditions continue
The Trump administration’s attack on the Chesapeake Bay
Tornado warnings, marble-sized hail and lightning to Northern California
Global warming could lead to a rise of 100,000 diabetes cases a year in the U.S.
Dakota Access pipeline: ING sells stake in major victory for divestment push
Trump Lays Plans to Reverse Obama’s Climate Legacy *

Farm workers call for human rights at Wendy’s restaurants

Food Worker Coalition and Influential Union Announce #May1Strike
Martin McGuinness, Northern Ireland's former deputy first minister, dies
No, over there! Our case-by-case guide to the Trump distraction technique
State Workers to Appeal Union Fees Case to US Supreme Court
FirstEnergy could owe millions in back wages
Organizing the supply chain: interview with Jeff Farmer
Making Trump’s America Ungovernable
Trump’s budget targets rural development programs that provide quiet lifeline
Trump’s ‘big, beautiful wall’ will require big swaths of other people’s land
Trump aide laundered payments from Ukraine party with Russia ties
Labor nominee Acosta cut deal with billionaire guilty in sex abuse case
Customers still seem wary of doing business with Wells Fargo
ATU members to meet as unions slam Unifor, CLC
Josephine Casey, ATU’s first female local officer and convention delegate

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Monday, March 20, 2017

March 20 News Update

Why the president’s big promises for coal miners may be empty
Haunted by the mystery deaths in Nicaragua’s brutal sugarcane fields
Trump administration's 'anti-scientific statements' alarm ex-energy secretary
Green energy in a coal state: the struggle to bring solar jobs to West Virginia
Will Trump's Roll Back of Fuel Regulations Help American Autoworkers?
The terrifying mathematics of the Anthropocene
Stephen Hawking: I fear I may not be welcome in Donald Trump's US
Amazon land battle pits indigenous villagers against might of Ecuador state
Despite Pollution, Coal Plant Is Cleared to Reopen in New Delhi *

40 years of budgets show shifting national priorities
Budget Blueprint Puts Trump Promises on Infrastructure in Doubt *

        protester holds a sign near the White House to protest President
        Donald Trump’s travel ban.
Most US young adults see Donald Trump presidency as illegitimate
Drawing strength from the pluck of the Irish
Undocumenteds fade from the city they helped build
Waiter refused to serve Latina women until he saw ‘proof of residency’
What will the wall look like? Trump administration unveils guidelines

Workers protest Hennepin County Medical Center layoffs

No, Germany doesn’t owe U.S. ‘vast sums’ of money for NATO
Trump's budget cuts dampen 50th anniversary of public broadcasting
France’s divided left looks set for defeat in first-round elections
In Berlin, a Grass-Roots Fight Against Gentrification as Rents Soar *
Breaks With Allies Over Trade Issues Amid Trump’s ‘America First’ Vows *
‘Not the American dream,’ says woman turned destitute waiting for disability
Amid new anxiety, fewer than half as many foreign students apply to UMKC
Top economies yield to US, drop no-protectionism pledge
Memphis' City Employee Unions Rally
Mesabi Metallics gets permission to sign labor deals
Union leaders struggle with next steps after 2016 election
Film classics: Irish socialist portrayed in ‘Jimmy’s Hall’
Wages rise on California farms. Americans still don’t want the job
Germany's SPD elects Martin Schulz as leader to challenge Merkel

Stories from the New York Times will be followed with a *. The Times pay wall policy allows free access to only about ten articles a month.

Friday, March 17, 2017

March 17 Week In Review Now Online

You can view the new WIR here

March 17 News Update

Running the EPA...into the ground
Trump's Budget Would Cripple International Climate Work
These Climate Programs Would Be Axed Under Trump's Budget
Exxon Concealed Tillerson's 'Alias' Emails From Climate Fraud Probe
For farmers below the Oroville Reservoir, water still poses a threat
Trump’s vehicle emissions plan: Make California smoggy again
California softens its proposed rule on pesticide use near schools
Haddock from UK waters removed from sustainable seafood list
Bald eagles: scientists decry overturn of ban that would save American symbol
With E.P.A. Cuts, States Would Lose Help in Emergencies *
What the budget would mean for each agency
White House targets programs designed to help working poor
Leaders in science, medicine say Trump budget would be dire
Republicans sharply criticize Trump budget
19 agencies Trump’s budget would kill, explained
7 Vital Programs That Would Be Gutted By Trump’s Arts and Humanities Cuts
Trump budget threatens nutrition services for poor women and children
Entire homelessness agency could be eliminated by Trump's budget cuts
Public Broadcasters Fear ‘Collapse’ if U.S. Drops Support *

White House endorses plan to remove 30,000 FAA workers from federal payroll
Firing federal workers isn’t as easy as Trump makes it seem

California to Trump: Keep ICE out of our courthouses
Immigrants are going hungry out of fear that Trump will deport them
Trump Wants to Punish Sanctuary Cities By Cutting 200m in Funds
Why Texas police are showing support for sanctuary cities

Trump visit puts UAW politics in crosshairs
Farm workers bring campaign to Twin Cities
AFSCME Local 3800 endorses anti-war protest
The Battle for the National Health Service
Conservative website only media on Tillerson plane to Asia
Anti-Semitic vandalism found at law student's dorm at UC Hastings
Trump nominates a 'bona-fide pharma shill' to head the FDA
GCHQ denies White House claim that UK spy agency helped wiretap Trump
Oxford comma helps drivers win dispute about overtime pay
Donald Trump sends 'hate group' to a UN conference on women's rights
The actor and the anarchist
Brazil pension reform protests
The Fed Acts. Workers in Mexico and Merchants in Malaysia Suffer. *

Stories from the New York Times will be followed with a *. The Times pay wall polic
y allows free access to only about ten articles a month.

Monday, March 13, 2017

March 13 News Update

'We are entering uncharted territory' - Australian scientists'
What’s In Store For U.S. Shale Oil?
State by State, Electric Car Rebates Are Under Attack *
Japan Struggling With Nuclear Waste, Six Years Later *
Trump’s Climate Views: Combative, Conflicting and Confusing *

Clem Murray / Philadelphia Inquirer
Women strike worldwide on International Women’s Day
Chicago Teachers Union hosts International Women’s Day Protest

        Strike for Justice
Striking York University Food Service Workers Win $15 and Fairness

Trump’s ban list face biggest humanitarian crisis since 1945
The State of American Wages
Break up the family? White House weighs new border deterrent
Wisconsin Assembly passes bill to bar union labor mandates
GOP lawmaker asks why men should have to pay for prenatal care
ICE frees Argentine woman facing deportation after protests
Democratic Party seems to have no earthly idea why it is so damn unpopular
New Ferguson Video Adds Wrinkle to Michael Brown Case *
In Reversal, Boston St. Patrick’s Day Parade Welcomes Gay Veterans Group *
Trump Immigration Crackdown Is Great for Private Prison Stocks *
Wealthy Would Get Billions in Tax Cuts Under Obamacare Repeal Plan *
Russian Espionage Piggybacks on a Cybercriminal’s Hacking *
FBI undercover stings foil terrorist plots — but of own making
Campaign flier on KC’s infrastructure proposal understates tax increase
Elderly and needing care, assisted living gave them 36 hours to get out
Trump budget expected to seek historic contraction of federal workforce
New Anti-Protesting Legislation: A Deeper Look

Stories from the New York Times will be followed with a *. The Times pay wall polic
y allows free access to only about ten articles a month.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Friday, March 10, 2017

March 10 News Update

EPA chief strongest statements yet rejecting human-caused climate change
Analysis: Pruitt's climate change denial is easily refuted by the EPA’s website
EPA environmental justice leader resigns
Kansas sets wildfire record ‘it never hoped to see’
Rex Tillerson won't work on Keystone pipeline issues due to ExxonMobil links

Iceland aims to become the first country in the world to mandate equal pay
East Side Freedom Library wins national award — and a gift from a Zombie hunter
Boston’s St. Patrick Day’s parade planners face backlash over gay vets ban
For the French, a presidential election that couldn't get much stranger
This company is making millions from America’s broken immigration system
Republicans launch new tactic in latest attack on federal unions
‘It’s a free country’: White House reacts to ‘A Day Without a Woman’ strike
Illinois budget impasse increasingly hurts universities
Poor ‘don’t want health care,’ Kansas congressman says, and the backlash begins

Read more here:
KC Council defies state legislature, narrowly approves increased minimum wage
Move to curtail public employee unions advances
Copper Workers Strike May Presage More Litigious Labor Relations
Trump unaware that Michael Flynn was a 'foreign agent', Sean Spicer says
‘What Revolution?’ Russia Asks 100 Years Later *

Stories from the New York Times will be followed with a *. The Times pay wall polic
y allows free access to only about ten articles a month.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

March 9 News Update

International Women's Day around the world – in pictures
Women Worldwide Strike and Rally for #DayWithoutAWoman
Huge Crowd Marches on White House to Protest Trump's Global Gag Rule
Not just another Women's Day
Day of flowers and speeches, but where is Russia's women's movement?
How Was the March 8 International Women’s Strike Woven Together?
Women protest in D.C. for ‘Day Without a Woman’ as area schools close
Fighting for gender equality on International Women’s Day
Irish Women Strike for Abortion Rights
Ecuador Women Blaze Trail in Scoring Labor Rights for Domestic Workers
Strike for women’s rights – sexual, racial and economic justice are at stake
The battles women have won
International Women’s Day: Calls to Action, Protests and Words of Praise *

Nearly 2 Million Kids Die from Pollution Each Year
Ranchers assess damage after wildfires in 4 states
Texas wildfires kill four, blazes also hit nearby states
Heatwave frequency rises twice as fast in the poorest countries
Climate change impacts are already hitting us, say Europeans

The Republican House of Horrors Offers a Terrifying Healthcare Vision
Hospital, doctor groups come out against GOP health-care plan
How the House GOP plan compares with Obamacare
What the proposed health-care plan really means for taxes

Photo of East Side Freedom Library
East Side Freedom Library named winner of national award
Paid parental leave: Will legislators vote to support families?
Breaking the Silence on Sexual Harassment
Trump budget borrows from Coast Guard, TSA, to pay for wall
Honduran Farmers Sue World Bank for 'Profiting From Murder'
Marines have arrived in Syria in the fight for Raqqa
Trump activates team for $1 trillion infrastructure plan
Court says EU states can withhold humanitarian visas
Missouri protesters who block roadways face tougher penalties
Graduate workers at Columbia get OK to join union
Greek farmers clash with riot police in Athens over austerity
Ethics Questions Trail Nominee for Agriculture *
Profitable Companies, No Taxes: Here’s How They Did It *

Stories from the New York Times will be followed with a *. The Times pay wall polic
y allows free access to only about ten articles a month.