Friday, September 5, 2008

What’s Within Bounds Regarding Sarah Palin

The distractions from the real world by the seemingly endless election campaign became more skewed than ever as both boss parties reacted to the surprise selection of Governor Palin to be a heart beat away from the presidency.

How many children Sarah Palin decides to have is her business–and no body else’s.

Sarah Palin’s proposal to use big government to deny the rest of us family planning options is our business.

Sarah Palin is entitled under freedom of religion to embrace her Pentecostal faith.

When she proposes to use the power of big government to advance this faith’s view of the universe, in opposition to the teachings of science in schools, she tramples on freedom of religion and seeks to keep our children in ignorance.

Sarah Palin was entitled to pray for God’s assistance to U.S. forces in the war in Iraq.

She and her party were not entitled to direct the police state tactics used against many thousands protesting that war outside the convention–events largely ignored by the “liberal” media.

Since the other party also tries to be “faith based,” and wants to expand the War On Terrorism front in Afghanistan, it is unlikely they will give these issues much play.

We’ve got sixty-one more days to go of this malarkey–unless, of course, there are more hanging chads.

Bill Onasch

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