Thursday, January 5, 2012

January 5 News Update

Each Monday-Friday, by 9AM Central, we’ll post links to news stories and analytical articles of interest to working people. Sometimes they will be accompanied by editorial commentary. Stories from the New York Times will be followed with a *. The Times pay wall policy allows free access to only about twenty articles a month.

Job Killers Hit Wichita
You may recall how Boeing enlisted labor support in its long, ultimately successful fight to get a lush Pentagon contract for refueling planes. During that struggle with competing bids they promised 7500 jobs in Wichita where they have built military aircraft since the 1920s. Yesterday they announced they are closing the plant.

Boeing to close historic aerospace facility in Kansas
Boeing shutdown will ripple across region

Obama bypasses Senate to fill labor board posts
Public Employees Need the Right To Strike
With Doors Open, Indiana Workers Flood Statehouse
Nurses’ union wins bargaining agreement
Labor Board Sides with American Truck Drivers
Canadian defined benefit pension plans had bleak 2011
Keystone XL pipeline: Oil chief issues threat to Obama over decision
Harder for Americans to Rise From Lower Rungs *

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