Thursday, August 20, 2015

August 20 News Update

In British Columbia, indigenous group blocks pipeline development
British Columbia indigenous group blocks pipeline
India's coal rush: A danger to the climate
China's carbon count could be overstated by 14 percent
Minority of US Catholics know pope's climate views
EU debate on green energy targets pitches UK against Germany
Vast areas of California are sinking as groundwater is pumped in drought
Russian environmentalists track oil spills
Irving Oil will announce massive refinery maintenance project

Americans back federal funds for Planned Parenthood health services: poll
El Paso abortion clinic will be first to reopen in Texas
Planned Parenthood says Florida concedes in abortion timing dispute
State inquiries into Planned Parenthood turn up no evidence of wrongdoing

Scott Courtney, a leader of the Fight for 15 campaign, with protesters in Brazil.
Credit Fernando Cavalcanti

Union Takes a McDonald’s Challenge Overseas *

Three firefighters killed battling Washington state wildfire
Protesters confront St Louis police over suspect shot dead during home search
Hearing on labor contract provisions between A&P, unions put on hold
UPMC hospital service workers have been trying to form a union for three years
Israel suspends detention of high-profile Palestinian hunger striker
Greece gives German firm rights to run 14 airports
A factor behind Bernie Sanders' appeal: Changing attitudes toward socialism
Baltimore officer charged in shooting of burglary suspect
Racist crimes surge in eastern Germany: data
Costco and CP Foods face lawsuit over alleged slavery in prawn supply chain
ISIL beheads Palmyra archeologist
Ontario public high school teachers reach tentative deal with province
First Nations adults more than twice as likely to die from avoidable causes
As Prices Keep Plummeting, Oil Drillers Sit on Their Hands *
Bombs at 3 Churches in Las Cruces, New Mexico, Confound the Authorities *
Social Security Benefits in Limbo for Some Same-Sex Couples *
Mexican Worker in Trump Hotel Criticizes Donald Trump’s Views, on Video *

Stories from the New York Times will be followed with a *. The Times pay wall policy allows free access to only about ten articles a month.

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