Wednesday, September 16, 2015

September 16 News Update

The Leap Manifesto: A Call for Caring for the Earth and One Another
Global climate change pledges will not be enough: U.N
Chinese cities pledge early carbon emissions peak under deal with U.S.
Ca. district to clean up contaminated water
David Attenborough backs huge Apollo-style clean energy research plan
Fiat Chrysler, UAW reach tentative contract deal
2-tier wages, health care part of UAW-FCA agreement
UAW, Fiat Chrysler reach tentative labor pact
Jeremy Corbyn to make debut at Prime Minister's Questions
Corbyn's TUC address shows Labour politics is a new game now
Pressure on Labour over EU as union vote sounds alarm
Bernie Sanders rejects 'vicious' attack over his support for UK Labour leader
Jeremy Corbyn at TUC: 'Labour can win 2020 election'

Tentative contract agreement reached in Seattle
      teacher strike
Seattle teachers strike reaches tentative deal
Leaders of Seattle teachers' union vote to end strike

Photo of U of M workers with petitions
U workers deliver petitions demanding fair contract
Guatemala Labor Case Unmasks Free Trade's Empty Promises
Labor launches new push in Fight for $15 wage hike campaign
Y-12 labor pact extended again; union workers to get $1,250
HP to jettison up to 30,000 jobs as part of spinoff
Pope Francis meeting with Fidel Castro in Cuba 'probable': Vatican
Half a million migrants counted at EU border

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