Thursday, January 21, 2016

January 21 News Update

Planet shatters warming records, 2015 hottest 'by far'
US: 2015 was Earth's hottest by a wide margin
It's official: 2015 'smashed' 2014's global temperature record. It wasn't even close
2015 smashes record for hottest year, final figures confirm
2015 Was Hottest Year in Historical Record, Scientists Say *

As Water Crisis Grew, Officials Belittled Flint’s Complaints *
EPA expected to brief U.S. House committee on Flint water crisis
U.S. agency says its response to Flint water crisis too slow

Air pollution in China abates, but winter a problem: Greenpeace
Study: By 2050 more plastics than fish in sea
Obama nixes bill killing smaller stream regs
Natural gas likely overtook coal as top U.S. power source in 2015
California Said to Target Exxon in Climate Inquiry *

      workers protesting at the Conservative party conference in
      Manchester last October.
NHS funding is falling behind European neighbours' average, research finds

Detroit teacher calls for 'full strike' amid protests
Teachers threaten another DPS sickout for Thursday
Detroit Teacher 'Sickouts' Close Schools Again
Nearly all Detroit schools closed due to teachers' sickout
Crumbling, Destitute Schools Threaten Detroit’s Recovery *

John Legend, Colombian star Juanes perform outside jail

Republic Windows workers who staged 2008 sit-in to get final payment

UE Win at NLRB: Harassing Political Charge by Israeli Law Firm Dismissed
University of Minnesota faculty file for union election
U.S. records 2nd and 3rd coal deaths of 2016
Gunmen kill prominent ally of Venezuelan president
BLM activists interrupt mayors' conference
Walmart to hike wages for more than 1.2 million workers on Feb. 20

US celebrities back 'Dump Trump' campaign
UK car production hit 10-year high in 2015
Union: Huhtamaki in Waterville temporarily lays off 25-30 over Chipotle woes
Russian airstrikes in Syria have 'killed more than 1,000 civilians'
Inquiry Sees Putin Role in 2006 Poisoning *

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