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February 19 News Update

Greenhouse Gas Escalation, Illustrated

How Much Warmer Was Your City in 2015? *
Los Angeles-area methane leak permanently capped: officials
North Dakota has 'big concern' with hedge funds buying oil assets
State officials blocked Flint Legionnaires' probe
Baby Dolphin Dies After Tourists Pass It Around For Selfies
China needs more power to crack down on polluters - minister
Fast-growing tumbleweed called hairy panic blows into Australian city
Wind energy project stores electricity in massive batteries at North Cape, P.E.I.
Volkswagen Memos Suggest Emissions Problem Was Known Earlier *

Wisconsin blocks federal funds from reaching Planned Parenthood
Colorado Planned Parenthood reopens after deadly rampage

Protestors jam the Capitol rotunda Thursday during the “A Day
      Without Latinos” rally meant to draw attention to bills the group
      said are unfriendly to immigrants. The rally drew the largest
      number of people to the Capitol since the massive 2011 protests of
      Gov. Scott Walker’s Act 10, which all but eliminated collective
      bargaining for public workers.
Thousands of Latinos stage pro-immigration rally at Wisconsin Capitol

Protesters supporting janitors seeking higher pay and more
      sick time took to the streets, blocking downtown streets and
      causing massive traffic jams, Thursday, February 18, 2016 in
      Minneapolis, MN.
Morning rush hour snarled as protesters block downtown Minneapolis streets
Demonstrators block Minneapolis intersections in campaign for fair wage
Demonstrators disrupt Oregon House minimum wage debate
Oregon Senate Bill 1532--Is It Enough?
Watch: Protest erupts outside Kate Brown's office over minimum wage
Ore. lawmakers pass landmark minimum wage increase

City fails to reach agreement with Toronto outside workers
Toronto strike or lockout: What services would be affected?

Community backs St. Paul teachers’ call for progress in contract talks
Kansas faces ACLU lawsuit over voter ID law requiring citizenship proof
US-led strikes kill 15 civilians in northeast Syria: monitor
Saudi won't cut oil output, foreign minister tells AFP
Protests against India student leader's arrest spread
Union leaders criticize Obama budget for health plan tax
Paid leave statutes advance in D.C., Maryland
Flight Attendant Reformers Sweep Union Elections
What is the TPP?
Boeing engineers overwhelmingly back new labor contracts    
New York Times Invents Left-Leaning Economists to Attack Bernie Sanders
How P3s are Produced and the Secret of Their Profit Making
Ky. Senate OKs bill for two marriage licenses
Most Americans want Obama to nominate Scalia's replacement: Reuters
Dark history of Canada's First Nations pass system uncovered in new documentary
Five-Ton Generator Dropped From Crane Kills 2 in New Jersey *

Stories from the New York Times will be followed with a *. The Times pay wall policy allows free access to only about ten articles a month.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

February 18 News Update

California utility 'temporarily controls' leaking gas flow
Gas company to be arraigned over Los Angeles area methane leak
A ‘mini-Chernobyl’ in California

Oklahoma calls for more disposal wells to shut after quake
Radioactive material stolen in Iraq raises security concerns
Oil pipe's external corrosion caused Ca. spill

Twin Cities janitors conduct rolling walkouts

CTA Fires Union Steward for Defending The Contract (9 min video)
The Ontario Liberals and Long-Term Care: The Struggle Against Privatization

      president Barack Obama and Cuban president Raul Castro met in
      Panama in 2015.
Barack Obama to make historic trip to Cuba in the coming weeks
US and Cuba to formalise deal allowing 20 flights a day between countries

Teamster retirees fight massive pension cuts at Kansas City town hall
OSHA investigating worker's death at Warrensburg foundry
The Union Busting That Goes Into Your Canned Fish
Video Appears To Show Bernie Sanders Arrested at a 1963 Civil Rights Action
U.S. farmers wary of buying new equipment as crop prices stall
Immigrants arrested in U.S. raids say were misled on right to counsel
Juárez factory workers are protesting for their rights with an ‘Occupy-style’ sit-in
House panel approves plan to privatize air traffic control
Parents of missing Mexican students skip pope's mass
Blockades in Argentina for jailed rights leader
US Army reservist sues 'Muslim-free' gun range for asking him to leave
Call for Obama to delay supreme court nomination is 'absurd', say legal scholars
Manny Pacquiao’s Nike contract terminated after homophobic slurs
Official: Documents Show Walesa Collaborated With Regime *

Stories from the New York Times will be followed with a *. The Times pay wall policy allows free access to only about ten articles a month.

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Friday, February 12, 2016

February 12 News Update

Protesters call on Dems to reject oil pipeline
NUMSA Call for Dismantling the ‘Mineral Energy Complex’ in South Africa
Two-thirds of US students are taught climate change badly, study finds
Canada, U.S. and Mexico to collaborate on green energy

Minneapolis supporters of $15 minimum wage to seek ballot measure

Communitiy tried to save South Evergreen School
Bus drivers' union declares 'big victory' in court fight with The Rapid

U.S. and Russia Put Forth Aid Plan and Cease-Fire in Syria *
Russia claims US planes bombed Syria's Aleppo
Death Toll From War in Syria Now 470,000, Group Finds *

Why It Won’t Be Easy or Cheap to Fix Flint’s Water Crisis *
UAW, GM give $3M to United Way of Genesee County

Deadline approaching for janitors’ strike
The Vampire Squid Tells Us How to Vote
Cleveland mayor apologizes for Tamir Rice ambulance claim
Union: Stop tax breaks to companies violating labor laws
Labor leaders, workers urge MBTA not to privatize services
Rauner, Madigan battle again on labor bill a day after Obama urged compromise
Right-to-work amendment fails in Alabama House
Growers Fight Union & California Labor Law   
We Need A Strong Trade Union In Every Workplace
Junior doctors vow to fight on after Jeremy Hunt imposes new contracts
Ireland's party leaders round on Gerry Adams in TV election debate
NYC cop convicted in stairwell shooting
Court Gives Deadline to Fix Kansas School Financing *

Stories from the New York Times will be followed with a *. The Times pay wall policy allows free access to only about ten articles a month.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

February 11 News Update

US clean power plan setback 'will not affect Paris climate change deal'
Swansea tidal energy scheme faces 'disastrous setback' from government review
Friends of the Earth defends its record on lobbying against fracking
Rooftop Solar Providers Face a Cloudier Future *
Laminate Causes Problems, but Cancer Risk Is Called Low *

Teamster retirees blast rescue plan for pension

Officers urge transit workers to reject contract offer

Factory Workers In Juárez Unionize For Higher Pay, Better Working Conditions
In Ciudad Juárez, a fight for 50 cents

Report on Syria conflict finds 11.5% of population killed or injured
Russian-backed Aleppo attack kills hundreds

Sanders’ surge marks outrage with system
Bernie Sanders meets with Al Sharpton in effort to court Black voters

2 Texas researchers under fire for Planned Parenthood study
IMF threatens to cut Ukraine aid over corruption
Union backs bill to boost TSA worker labor protections
Labor union rally outside Intel headquarters with non-union cafeteria workers
UAW adds to unfair labor charges against VW
Gov. Snyder seeks $300M for Flint, schools
Activist's arrest sparks tension between Pope Francis and Argentina's president
Birmingham pub bombings: police told to release any evidence of forewarning
How cheap oil may ruin your life

Stories from the New York Times will be followed with a *. The Times pay wall policy allows free access to only about ten articles a month.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

February 9 News Update

Water woes: Tap runs brown in Louisiana’s impoverished northeast
Unsafe Lead Levels in Tap Water Not Limited to Flint *
Sea-level rise 'could last twice as long as human history'
Ikea quietly stops selling solar panels to UK householders
U.N. Agency Proposes Limits on Airlines’ Carbon Emissions *
Californians Fight Over Whether Coast Should Be Rugged or Refined *
Half-Built Nuclear Fuel Plant in South Carolina Faces Test on Its Future *

Community support gives North Branch teachers momentum
Teachers are striking to save public education

      watching Beyoncé’s half-time performance, two Black Lives Matter
      organizers snagged a few seconds with a group of dancers and asked
      them to make the quick video.
Photograph: @jamilahking/Twitter
How activists got a Black Lives Matter sign into the hands of Beyoncé's dancers

Deadly train crash in southern Germany
Teamsters pension crisis driving deep cuts for retirees
Westminster hospital nurses ratify union contract
Low pay forces South Dakota teachers to hold 2nd, 3rd jobs
Egypt flooded Gaza tunnels at Israel's request: minister
Arab Israeli MP gets suspended sentence for police 'insult'
ISIS airstrikes by Canada to end by Feb. 22, training forces to triple
India's economy grows better-than-expected 7.3% in last quarter
Union files to represent Uber drivers serving LaGuardia
Ford to double production in Mexico
Federal judge blocks release of new videos by anti-abortion group
Oilsands giant derails full public inquiry into foreign workers' deaths
No breakfast, no care, for long-term care resident, due to staff shortage
Chipotle Meeting Outlines Food Safety to Workers and Message for Public *
Paul Aiken, Leader of Authors Guild, Dies at 56

Stories from the New York Times will be followed with a *. The Times pay wall policy allows free access to only about ten articles a month.