Wednesday, March 29, 2017

March 29 News Update

Trump moves decisively to wipe out Obama’s climate-change record
Analysis: What Trump’s new climate actions mean
Trump moves to dismantle Obama's climate legacy with executive order
EU leads attacks on Trump's rollback of Obama climate policy
Why Trump rollback of Obama climate policies could be a long slog
Promises of Paris Accord Slip Further Away *

Trump, in break from other world leaders, digs in on coal
Jane Goodall calls Trump's climate change agenda 'immensely depressing'
EU nations vote against GM crops, but not enough to block them
California, NY vow to fill climate-change void left by Trump
EPA inspectors cite numerous safety problems at troubled Torrance refinery
Peru's brutal season of floods leaves 94 dead, 700,000 homeless
China Poised to Take Lead on Climate *
Fact-Check of Trump’s Claims on Energy and Jobs *

Protesters hit the streets of Austin, Texas, for a Day
        Without an Immigrant (Jeffrey Harland | Facebook)
Making May Day a day for solidarity

Panic spreads in Iraq and Syria as civilian deaths rise sharply in U.S. strikes
An enemy of choice revealed
Attorney General Sessions escalates threats against sanctuary cities
Hope in the revolution
The story of North Korea
Trump declines Nationals’ invite to throw first pitch on Opening Day
Inside Trump's War on the Traditional Media
House votes to block Obama-era online privacy rule
UK Airport closed after activists protest against deportation flight
Scottish parliament votes for second independence referendum
Women's team players end boycott after reaching accord with USA Hockey
Ekati mine workers ratify 4-year deal with Dominion Diamond
Metro makes it official: Higher fares, reduced service coming July 1
Westinghouse Files for Bankruptcy, in Blow to Nuclear Power

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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

March 28 Week In Review Now Online

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March 28 News Update

Rollback of Climate Rules May Fall Short of Goals, Critics Say *
What to Know About Trump’s Order to Dismantle the Clean Power Plan *
Climate Denial Starts at Top *
Trump order to take major step to wipe out Obama’s climate record
Trump Repeal of Climate Rules Means U.S. Paris Target Now Out of Reach

Keystone XL Pipeline Foes Rev Up Fight Again After Trump's Rubber Stamp
Tests Show Worrying Signs from Cook Inlet Gas Leak
John Bellamy Foster answers five questions about Marxism and ecology
Troubling ideas about climate change finds new evidence in its favor
Top US coal boss Robert Murray: Trump 'can't bring mining jobs back'
Study predicts significant Southern California beach erosion

Physicians for a National Healthcare Program on the
Medicare for All?

Caterpillar, UAW reach new labor contract
Contract at St. Paul Federal Credit Union raises the bar
A Partial Peace in Colombia
Charlie Angus Hopes the Road Leads to NDP Leader
BC Gov’t Pledges $330 Million to Restore Class Sizes
Trump signs bill to kill Obama-era Worker Safety Rule
Trump’s approval hits a new low of 36%
Negotiations to ban nuclear weapons begin, but Australia joins US boycott
Once Just a Footnote, Medicaid Flexed Its Might in Showdown *
Strikes Shutting Down French Guiana Resonate in Paris *

Stories from the New York Times will be followed with a *. The Times pay wall policy allows free access to only about ten articles a month.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

March 22 News Update

Global climate broke multiple records in 2016; Extreme conditions continue
The Trump administration’s attack on the Chesapeake Bay
Tornado warnings, marble-sized hail and lightning to Northern California
Global warming could lead to a rise of 100,000 diabetes cases a year in the U.S.
Dakota Access pipeline: ING sells stake in major victory for divestment push
Trump Lays Plans to Reverse Obama’s Climate Legacy *

Farm workers call for human rights at Wendy’s restaurants

Food Worker Coalition and Influential Union Announce #May1Strike
Martin McGuinness, Northern Ireland's former deputy first minister, dies
No, over there! Our case-by-case guide to the Trump distraction technique
State Workers to Appeal Union Fees Case to US Supreme Court
FirstEnergy could owe millions in back wages
Organizing the supply chain: interview with Jeff Farmer
Making Trump’s America Ungovernable
Trump’s budget targets rural development programs that provide quiet lifeline
Trump’s ‘big, beautiful wall’ will require big swaths of other people’s land
Trump aide laundered payments from Ukraine party with Russia ties
Labor nominee Acosta cut deal with billionaire guilty in sex abuse case
Customers still seem wary of doing business with Wells Fargo
ATU members to meet as unions slam Unifor, CLC
Josephine Casey, ATU’s first female local officer and convention delegate

Stories from the New York Times will be followed with a *. The Times pay wall policy allows free access to only about ten articles a month.

Monday, March 20, 2017

March 20 News Update

Why the president’s big promises for coal miners may be empty
Haunted by the mystery deaths in Nicaragua’s brutal sugarcane fields
Trump administration's 'anti-scientific statements' alarm ex-energy secretary
Green energy in a coal state: the struggle to bring solar jobs to West Virginia
Will Trump's Roll Back of Fuel Regulations Help American Autoworkers?
The terrifying mathematics of the Anthropocene
Stephen Hawking: I fear I may not be welcome in Donald Trump's US
Amazon land battle pits indigenous villagers against might of Ecuador state
Despite Pollution, Coal Plant Is Cleared to Reopen in New Delhi *

40 years of budgets show shifting national priorities
Budget Blueprint Puts Trump Promises on Infrastructure in Doubt *

        protester holds a sign near the White House to protest President
        Donald Trump’s travel ban.
Most US young adults see Donald Trump presidency as illegitimate
Drawing strength from the pluck of the Irish
Undocumenteds fade from the city they helped build
Waiter refused to serve Latina women until he saw ‘proof of residency’
What will the wall look like? Trump administration unveils guidelines

Workers protest Hennepin County Medical Center layoffs

No, Germany doesn’t owe U.S. ‘vast sums’ of money for NATO
Trump's budget cuts dampen 50th anniversary of public broadcasting
France’s divided left looks set for defeat in first-round elections
In Berlin, a Grass-Roots Fight Against Gentrification as Rents Soar *
Breaks With Allies Over Trade Issues Amid Trump’s ‘America First’ Vows *
‘Not the American dream,’ says woman turned destitute waiting for disability
Amid new anxiety, fewer than half as many foreign students apply to UMKC
Top economies yield to US, drop no-protectionism pledge
Memphis' City Employee Unions Rally
Mesabi Metallics gets permission to sign labor deals
Union leaders struggle with next steps after 2016 election
Film classics: Irish socialist portrayed in ‘Jimmy’s Hall’
Wages rise on California farms. Americans still don’t want the job
Germany's SPD elects Martin Schulz as leader to challenge Merkel

Stories from the New York Times will be followed with a *. The Times pay wall policy allows free access to only about ten articles a month.

Friday, March 17, 2017

March 17 Week In Review Now Online

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March 17 News Update

Running the EPA...into the ground
Trump's Budget Would Cripple International Climate Work
These Climate Programs Would Be Axed Under Trump's Budget
Exxon Concealed Tillerson's 'Alias' Emails From Climate Fraud Probe
For farmers below the Oroville Reservoir, water still poses a threat
Trump’s vehicle emissions plan: Make California smoggy again
California softens its proposed rule on pesticide use near schools
Haddock from UK waters removed from sustainable seafood list
Bald eagles: scientists decry overturn of ban that would save American symbol
With E.P.A. Cuts, States Would Lose Help in Emergencies *
What the budget would mean for each agency
White House targets programs designed to help working poor
Leaders in science, medicine say Trump budget would be dire
Republicans sharply criticize Trump budget
19 agencies Trump’s budget would kill, explained
7 Vital Programs That Would Be Gutted By Trump’s Arts and Humanities Cuts
Trump budget threatens nutrition services for poor women and children
Entire homelessness agency could be eliminated by Trump's budget cuts
Public Broadcasters Fear ‘Collapse’ if U.S. Drops Support *

White House endorses plan to remove 30,000 FAA workers from federal payroll
Firing federal workers isn’t as easy as Trump makes it seem

California to Trump: Keep ICE out of our courthouses
Immigrants are going hungry out of fear that Trump will deport them
Trump Wants to Punish Sanctuary Cities By Cutting 200m in Funds
Why Texas police are showing support for sanctuary cities

Trump visit puts UAW politics in crosshairs
Farm workers bring campaign to Twin Cities
AFSCME Local 3800 endorses anti-war protest
The Battle for the National Health Service
Conservative website only media on Tillerson plane to Asia
Anti-Semitic vandalism found at law student's dorm at UC Hastings
Trump nominates a 'bona-fide pharma shill' to head the FDA
GCHQ denies White House claim that UK spy agency helped wiretap Trump
Oxford comma helps drivers win dispute about overtime pay
Donald Trump sends 'hate group' to a UN conference on women's rights
The actor and the anarchist
Brazil pension reform protests
The Fed Acts. Workers in Mexico and Merchants in Malaysia Suffer. *

Stories from the New York Times will be followed with a *. The Times pay wall polic
y allows free access to only about ten articles a month.