Thursday, March 9, 2017

March 9 News Update

International Women's Day around the world – in pictures
Women Worldwide Strike and Rally for #DayWithoutAWoman
Huge Crowd Marches on White House to Protest Trump's Global Gag Rule
Not just another Women's Day
Day of flowers and speeches, but where is Russia's women's movement?
How Was the March 8 International Women’s Strike Woven Together?
Women protest in D.C. for ‘Day Without a Woman’ as area schools close
Fighting for gender equality on International Women’s Day
Irish Women Strike for Abortion Rights
Ecuador Women Blaze Trail in Scoring Labor Rights for Domestic Workers
Strike for women’s rights – sexual, racial and economic justice are at stake
The battles women have won
International Women’s Day: Calls to Action, Protests and Words of Praise *

Nearly 2 Million Kids Die from Pollution Each Year
Ranchers assess damage after wildfires in 4 states
Texas wildfires kill four, blazes also hit nearby states
Heatwave frequency rises twice as fast in the poorest countries
Climate change impacts are already hitting us, say Europeans

The Republican House of Horrors Offers a Terrifying Healthcare Vision
Hospital, doctor groups come out against GOP health-care plan
How the House GOP plan compares with Obamacare
What the proposed health-care plan really means for taxes

Photo of East Side Freedom Library
East Side Freedom Library named winner of national award
Paid parental leave: Will legislators vote to support families?
Breaking the Silence on Sexual Harassment
Trump budget borrows from Coast Guard, TSA, to pay for wall
Honduran Farmers Sue World Bank for 'Profiting From Murder'
Marines have arrived in Syria in the fight for Raqqa
Trump activates team for $1 trillion infrastructure plan
Court says EU states can withhold humanitarian visas
Missouri protesters who block roadways face tougher penalties
Graduate workers at Columbia get OK to join union
Greek farmers clash with riot police in Athens over austerity
Ethics Questions Trail Nominee for Agriculture *
Profitable Companies, No Taxes: Here’s How They Did It *

Stories from the New York Times will be followed with a *. The Times pay wall polic
y allows free access to only about ten articles a month.

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