Friday, March 3, 2017

March 3 News Update

EPA halts inquiry into oil and gas industry emissions of methane
Standing Rock: arson accusation renews fear of police targeting veterans
Environmentalists urge French bank not to finance Texas fracking project
UN climate chief unable to secure meeting with US state department
Two Camps in White House on Climate Pact *

AT&T Mobility Workers Dial It Up
Trumka: Unions Will Help Trump Rewrite Rules of Economy
Militarism: Revolutionary Mothering and Rosie the Riveter
Hackers accessed private email account Pence used for official business
EPA head used personal email for government business
Trump’s presidency can’t shake Russia’s shadow
Lawmaker’s bio touted a business degree--a Sizzler training certificate
Vietnam absentee Donald Trump's military look raises eyebrows
Sweden to reintroduce conscription amid rising Baltic tensions
Tom Hanks sends espresso machine to help White House press fight for truth
The Workers Who Regret Trump’s Scrapping of a Trade Deal *
Republicans Vow To Do 'Everything We Can' To Roll Back Labor Law Gains
Missouri Supreme Court upholds St. Louis minimum wage increase
An Idealist’s Martyrdom Fails to Move Honduras *
Under Trump, an Already Depleted I.R.S. Could Face Deep Cuts *
U.S. Agents Raid Caterpillar Over Offshore Tax Practices *

Stories from the New York Times will be followed with a *. The Times pay wall polic
y allows free access to only about ten articles a month.

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