Monday, March 26, 2018

March 26 News Update

Arctic Sea Ice Missed a Record Low This Winter. Barely. *
Drilling in ‘Australia’s Galápagos’ Raises Hopes of Jobs and Fears of Spill *
Canada: how a pipeline engineer got arrested in anti-pipeline protests

Parkland students made history. And we're not going anywhere
Show of Force as Students’ Grief Inspires Huge Gun Protests *
Photos From the ‘March for Our Lives’ Protests *

U.S. Strikes Qaeda Target in Southern Libya, Expanding Shadow War There *
‘America First’ Bears a New Threat: Military Confrontation *
Justice Dept. Pushes for Mandated Access to Encrypted Data *
Slovaks Meet New Bosses. They’re Not Much Different From Old Bosses *
China’s Economic Czar Warns U.S. Treasury Secretary on Tariffs *
Rights groups vow to fight Trump's 'transphobia masquerading as policy'
Protests in California after police kill Black man carrying only his phone
Bolton worked with Cambridge Analytica on YouTube voter experiment
Brexit insider claims Vote Leave team may have breached spending limits
Catalan Ex-Leader, Wanted for Sedition, Is Held in Germany *

Teacher Strike Fever Spreads
When Professionals Rise Up, More Than Money Is at Stake *

Germany’s 28-Hour Workweek
Unions dying? Membership soars in Inland Empire, shrinks near coast
Union remains resistant to Doublestar’s acquisition of Kumho Tire
Thousands of Vietnamese workers take to highway to protest wage cuts
Workers at Chilean mine Escondida accept early contract talks
New top leader at SEIU Local 503
At Reed College, students are unionizing
U.S. Union Membership Data in Perspective
Durham City Council wants to overturn N.C. ban on collective bargaining
Turning 40, the Steelworkers' Union looks to future
Raucous Board Meeting ends in the Elimination of Paraprofessional Positions
When the Elderly Call for Help, a ‘Chain’ Immigrant Often Answers *

Stories from the New York Times will be followed with a *. The Times pay wall policy allows free access to only about ten articles a month.

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