Tuesday, February 6, 2007

A Breath Of Fresh Air From Canada

I pass along a message from our old friend Rod in Vancouver, a long time bus driver and union activist. Kansas City once had an impressive fleet of these wonderful buses. Still common in much of the world I know of only San Francisco and Seattle using them in the U.S. today.

Bill, maybe you could place a link on site for sustainable electric trolley buses and street cars... couple links below
On the environment front... TransLink's order of 40 foot and 60 foot articulated 'New Flyer' electric trolley buses have started to arrive.
These will replace the 244,1981 'Flyer E900's.
With the added pressure of global warming maybe this will cause Trolley's to become mainstream urban buses again?
Trolley bus article
Excellent study of why trolleys survived
New Flyer Industries
I like the new blog and its format.
Think blog format gives a very progressive outlook...
The layout puts more information on page, exposing and encouraging users to more information.

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