Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Wednesday Morning Stories

Chairman Andy Goes To Wal-Mart
SEIU President Andy Stern is finally making the big time. This morning he appears with the CEO of America’s biggest private sector employer in Washington to talk about fixing our health care crisis.
Wal-Mart and a Union Unite, at Least on Health Policy

Knoxville Auto Parts Strike
More than 200 IAM workers have shut down Maremont Exhaust Products, a producer of mufflers and catalytic converters. The issues are big boosts in health insurance premiums and company demands to gut the seniority system.
Union workers express resolve as strike begins

The Canadian Minimum
As congress still fiddles around on proposals to raise the U.S. minimum wage, currently 5.15, for the first time in a decade, here’s an in depth look at the question north of the border.
Minimum wage laws – The state of pay in Canada

Modest Labor Law Reforms Face Harsh Resistance
The U.S. has the worst labor laws of any industrialized country. Our labor leaders long ago abandoned the demand of repealing Taft-Hartley--which banns mass picketing, secondary boycotts, and hot cargo–to chip away at obstacles to organizing. This years attempt is labeled the Employee Free Choice Act. Mark Gruenberg gives a good description of the effort.
Proposed law would strengthen worker rights

Some Budget Suggestions
Mark Brenner from Labor Notes shows how unions could obtain millions more for organizing efforts–cap union official salaries at 100,000 per annum.
Across Many Unions, Bloated Salaries Limit Organizing Budgets

More Stories
Wal-Mart loses job-bias appeal
Writers unions name panel to prepare for talks
AFTRA's John Connolly to run Actors' Equity
Legacy of Radiation Illness Stirs Objection to Nevada Bomb Test
Many Voices, No Debate, as Senate Is Stifled on War

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