Thursday, February 1, 2007

So You Want News, Do You?

I’m surprised, and gratified, at the number of complaints I’ve received about the disappearance of the Daily Labor News Digest. You’ve convinced me that it is worth doing. Assuming that I can keep the temperamental FrontPage software going, I will resume the Digest , with “raw” links to timely stories on the Internet, Monday, February 12. (I’m waiting until then because I have another road trip next week.) I will continue this blog with commentary on some of these stories. In the meantime, I’ll list some of the top headlines of the day here on the Labor Advocate blog.

An Island of Moguls Is the Latest Front in a Union Battle
Bay Area Activists Protest Iraq War and Anti-Worker Alcatraz Ferry Operator
Some cool to hot term, 'carbon neutral'
75,000 protest tortilla prices in Mexico
Union, province reach deal after 6-week strike
Updated labour rules promise job protection, unpaid leave

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