Monday, August 14, 2017

August 14 News Update

Climate scientists continue to sound the alarm
Pruitt Is Carrying Out E.P.A. Agenda in Secret, Critics Say *
Powered by Wind, Sun and Volcanoes *
Portugal Forest Fires Worsen, Fed by Poor Choices and Inaction *
Washington state utility's nuclear waste shipments suspended
New Orleans Scrambles to Repair Drainage System After Severe Flooding *
Scientists discover 91 volcanoes below Antarctic ice sheet
Border Wall Already Threatening Wildlife Along Rio Grande *

Charlottesville rally turns deadly: Build unity to smash fascism!
A Working-Class Strategy for Defeating White Supremacy
Woman killed at Charlottesville far-right rally was civil rights activist
Charlottesville Violence Highlights Worsening Race Relations in U.S.
DSA Statement on Nazi Violence in Charlottesville
The Sounds of Fists Pounding on Flesh *
Far-Right Groups Blaze Into National View in Charlottesville *

UAW to contest election loss at Nissan
Why Did Nissan Workers Vote No?
Danny Glover and Bernie Sanders seek France's help after Nissan union vote

US military says 2 American soldiers killed in Iraq
Unions Claim 300k Signers to Force Vote on R-t-W
Dutch Family Farms Teeter as a Recall of Tainted Eggs Widens *
30 Children Die in Indian Hospital; Critics Cite Oxygen Shortage *
Trump threatens 'military option' in Venezuela
Teamsters Union Tries to Slow Self-Driving Truck Push *
County's biggest union votes to allow strike
Steel and Solidarity in Granite City    
October and its Relevance
The Incredible Shrinking Sears *
Samantha Bee, the new heroine of American political satire
Barcelona airport crisis worsens as security staff plan 24-hour strike
Insurers Get More Time to Calculate Increases for 2018 *
Foreign Farmworkers in Canada Fear Deportation if They Complain *

Stories from the New York Times will be followed with a *. The Times pay wall polic
y allows free access to only about ten articles a month.

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