Wednesday, August 16, 2017

August 16 News Update

Suniva Solar Tariff Case Could Throttle a Thriving Industry
States Are Using Social Cost of Carbon in Energy Decisions
As Hilcorp Plans to Drill in Arctic Waters, a Trail of Violations Surfaces
Korean Unions Call for a Just Energy Transition
The root of the climate crisis is capitalism, not demographics
Trump Signs Order Rolling Back Environmental Rules on Infrastructure *

Renter Week of Action and Political Education

An Injury to One is an Injury to All!
Trump reverts to blaming both sides including 'very, very violent alt-left'
LeBron James: 'so-called president' Trump has made hate fashionable
Diversity is the great rightwing scapegoat for working-class woes
Trump Gives White Supremacists an Unequivocal Boost *
When Jack Daniel’s Failed to Honor a Slave, an Author Rewrote History *
Holocaust Memorial in Boston Is Vandalized for Second Time This Summer *

State employees ratify new, two-year contracts
Hundreds attend ceremony honoring Capitol construction workers
Priority for U.S. Socialist Movement? Single-Payer Healthcare
RBS plans to cut 880 IT jobs by 2020, UK labor union says
The 1997 UPS Strike: Beating Big Business & Business Unionism
Twenty years after the Asian financial crisis
False promises: Trump and the revitalization of the US economy
Chomsky, Pilger slam Trump threats against Venezuela
Trump healthcare subsidy cut would raise premiums by 20%, CBO says
US government demands details on all visitors to anti-Trump protest website
Two-stage Brexit strategy derided by UK and EU politicians
5 Years After 34 South African Miners Shot Dead, No Arrests *

Stories from the New York Times will be followed with a *. The Times pay wall polic
y allows free access to only about ten articles a month.

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