Monday, November 30, 2015

November 30 News Update

Lots of Holiday Left-overs

  Climate conference
Global climate march 2015: hundreds of thousands march around the world

Kansas City Activists March Through Plaza Before UN Climate Change Summit

COP21: Poor countries fear being 'left behind' in rush for deal
Paris climate activists put under house arrest using emergency laws
UN climate talks brought forward as new report warns of peril
Paris Climate Talks Avoid Scientists’ Idea of ‘Carbon Budget’ *
Paris Talks Set Stage for Action as Risks to the Climate Rise *
EPA asks court to withdraw registration of Dow herbicide
Fossil fuel firms could waste $2.2 trillion on unneeded projects
Controversial Nicaragua canal delayed
Climate Research at the End of the World *
In Guatemala, People Living Off Forests Are Tasked With Protecting Them *
Canada to contribute $2.65B to international climate change fund
Carbon-reduction targets shouldn't be legally binding, Canada says, backing U.S.
Canada delays decision on Lake Huron nuke waste storage
The Central Valley is sinking: drought forces farmers to ponder the abyss
Standoff over government climate study provokes national uproar by scientists
NOAA chief tells lawmaker: No one will ‘coerce the scientists who work for me’
P.E.I. marchers demand action on climate change at Paris talks
Obama’s Legacy at Stake in Paris Talks on Climate Accord *
The Paris summit is missing one of the great world leaders on climate

Democracy and the Policy Preferences of Wealthy Americans (PDF)
A Wealthy Governor and His Friends Are Remaking Illinois *

Shooting by Chicago cop stirs protests
Missouri down to 1 abortion clinic after Columbia stops them
As Mayor, Bernie Sanders Was More Pragmatist Than Socialist *
Temple adjunct professors vote to unionize
An Uber union? Seattle could clear way for ride-app drivers
A grim holiday season awaits America’s hungry
Safety Lapses and Deaths Amid a Building Boom in New York *
Quebec's public sector, government hold weekend negotiation marathon
Protesters disrupt Chicago’s ‘Magnificent Mile’ over police slaying
The Marshall Islands, once a nuclear test site, face oblivion again
50 Years Ago, ‘Unsafe at Any Speed’ Shook the Auto World *
M.T.A. Contract Workers Push for Higher Wages and Better Working Conditions *
No Thanks for Poverty Wages, Workers Tell Walmart and Wendy's
Wage and hour lawsuits hit their highest volume ever
Turkish human rights lawyer shot dead during press conference
Edward Snowden meets Arundhati Roy and John Cusack
Jeremy Corbyn warns rebels: I'm not going anywhere over Syria
Killed defending women's rights: nine female activists who died in 2015
Derogatory team name no longer acceptable, Inuit leader tells CFL's Eskimos
P.E.I. singer's parody gets social media shout out from the Dixie Chicks
After a Defeat in Houston, the Fight for Gay Rights Shifts to Jacksonville *
Student Debt in America: Lend With a Smile, Collect With a Fist *
Lufthansa, Struggling With Labor Issues, Concedes To Wage Hike Demands
LCT-SAP denounces lockdown in Belgium

Stories from the New York Times will be followed with a *. The Times pay wall policy allows free access to only about ten articles a month.

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