Tuesday, December 1, 2015

December 1 News Update

Logo for climate change conference
The Paris climate summit at a glance
Paris climate summit: the climate circus comes to town
Which countries are doing the most to stop dangerous global warming?
Paris climate summit in numbers
The world’s climate is in the hands of just three nations
Unions press for action on climate change
Rich countries must not impose end to 'conventional energy': India PM
Splits over climate responsibility in spotlight at crucial Paris talks
World Bank, six nations call for a price on carbon
Climate change protests (55 photos)
Key dates in the battle against global warming
China plans to launch carbon-tracking satellites into space
Beijing air pollution reaches extremely hazardous levels
Climate pledges: Who's doing what?
Two-thirds of Americans want U.S. to back global climate deal
Magnitude 4.5 Earthquake Rattles Oklahoma
Funding From Exxon Gave Deniers a Megaphone in Climate Change Debate
Alberta's carbon tax should comfort OPEC amid Paris climate talks
A Path for Climate Change, Beyond Paris *
E.P.A. Rule Requires a Big Jump in Biofuel Use *

Stop the War plans Westminster demo on eve of Syria vote

Union Employees of Asarco Rallying in Tucson for a 'Fair Contract'
Walmart Hired Security Firm to Spy on Workers' Union
Elk River custodians plan actions against outsourcing
Labor Board Blows Up Lab Tests
Four charged in shooting of Minn. protesters
Minnesota Nurses Association Demand Respect for BLM Protesters
Northern Ireland law on abortion ruled 'incompatible with human rights'
JCB staff agree to work fewer hours to save jobs

Stories from the New York Times will be followed with a *. The Times pay wall policy allows free access to only about ten articles a month.

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