Monday, December 7, 2015

December 7 News Update

Despite Climate Concerns, OPEC Plans to Keep Pumping Oil While It Can *
Azerbaijan: 30 Missing After Rig Fire *
Climate funding piles up, but nations argue over how quickly
From Bangladesh flood map to the Bank of England, a 'carbon bubble' is born
Climate pact: Battle lines redrawn in the blueprint
Air quality agency votes to cut emissions less than proposed
UN global warming talks enter final, crunch phase
Is climate change killing American starfish?
Tug boat spills fuel in Galveston Bay
In Canadian Arctic, melting ice and more ships spark worry
Scientists gather to discuss Arctic under shadow of changing climate
UN Officials Warn of Climate Disaster if Paris Pact Fails *
As World Debates Climate, Czechs Embrace Heavy Pollutant *
Trust and Money at Core of Crucial Paris Talks on Climate Change *
Despite Push for Cleaner Cars, Sheer Numbers Could Work Against Climate Benefits *

The Entire Labor Movement Should Be Paying Attention to Kohler Strike
Kohler Strikers Hold Out for 'a Normal Life'

Income inequality happens by design. We can't fix it by tweaking capitalism
The wealthiest dozen Americans own more than the bottom half

Volkswagen Workers Celebrate Election Win, But Question Partnership Strategy
Secret Weapon vs. Verizon: Retirees
Heath behind documentary used to sway jury in trial of Shrewsbury 24
Russian Truckers, Irate Over New Tolls, Block Roads Near Moscow *
Reported Gains in Afghan Maternal Health Are Found to Be Implausible *
Suffocation Described as Likely Cause of Death in Freddie Gray Case *
G.M. Will Import Buicks Made in China to the U.S. *
Nissan charged with violating labor laws at Miss. unit
CCSD support staff ousts ESEA in favor of Teamsters union
American Crystal Sugar tells union to prepare for possible labor dispute
As Spanish polls near, disillusioned jobless struggle on
French far right making election gains
Thousands protest So. Korea's government
Ontario's care homes dangerously understaffed, workers say
Sarcasm and Doubt Precede VW’s Update on Cheating Inquiry *

Stories from the New York Times will be followed with a *. The Times pay wall polic
y allows free access to only about ten articles a month.

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