Friday, December 11, 2015

December 11 News Update

Paris climate deal ‘extremely close’ but talks set to overrun
The six key road blocks at the UN climate talks in Paris
Can trading pollution like stocks help fight climate change?
Islanders in Chesapeake Bay face exile from rising seas
Climate change: How bad can it get?
Gulf Coast Oil Spill May Be Pushing Sharks to Florida Beaches
Indigenous rights could be left out of Paris climate treaty
COP21: Canada's new goal for limiting global warming 'perhaps a dream'
Environmentalists warn of increased activism after Paris climate talks
Climate deal due Saturday after more all-night talks
China’s Coastal Cities, Underwater *
New Draft of Climate Deal Hints at Historical Significance *

Another coal miner dies on the job
N.C. man dies in police custody after officer uses pepper spray
UAW halts strike at China-owned US auto plant
Heirs of Meyer Lansky want compensation for Cuban casino
Rally supports worker who is face of SuperAmerica campaign
More revolution: Venezuela loyalists on march after vote
Zombies appear in U.S. oilfields as crude plumbs new lows
Islamic State oil is going to Assad, some to Turkey: U.S. official
US says airstrikes killed 350 in Ramadi, Iraq, in past week
France's Le Pen and niece face election defeat, polls show
Rally planned at City Hall in response to Trump immigration remarks
Efforts underway to aid worker fired for organizing
Attacks cast doubt on Afghan security
Honduras and CAFTA Show Us  Why TPP Should Be Opposed
Nurses Urge Council to Pass Legislation to Ensure Hospital Safety
Report: School funding drops in most states
Fleeing Thailand, Top Investigator of Human Trafficking Fears for His Safety *
Council Bills Seek to Make Construction Less Perilous in New York City *

Stories from the New York Times will be followed with a *. The Times pay wall policy allows free access to only about ten articles a month.

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